Indoor vs Outdoor Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Venue

Indoor vs Outdoor Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Venue Packages

If you have your heart set on getting married in the wedding capital of the world, but you’re on the fence between an indoor vs outdoor Las Vegas wedding ceremony venue, there’s no need to worry; we can help you decide! There are many benefits to each venue type, which makes it difficult to choose, but what it really comes down to are your personal preferences. With that in mind, in this post, Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions is going to lay out the advantages of indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces to make it super simple for you to pinpoint which is better for you and the one you love.

Choosing an Indoor or Outdoor Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Venue

The Las Vegas area has a whole host of wedding venues, but before choosing one, you must first decide if you prefer an indoor or outdoor ceremony location. Below, you will find information on the fabulous reasons for choosing either option, as well as a description of Always & Forever’s outdoor ceremony venues and the ever-popular indoor Lakeview Chapel.

Benefits of Utilizing an Outdoor Wedding Venue in Las Vegas

Outdoor and Indoor Wedding Packages Near the Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Indoor & Outdoor Ceremony Venues

Most will agree that there is something magical about an outdoor wedding – the fresh air, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful blue skies, or perhaps a sparkling lake as a backdrop can create a day you and your guests will never forget.

You may have noticed that we only mentioned nature’s beauty. Well, that’s because it’s one of the biggest benefits of getting married outdoors. Let’s go into detail on this so you can imagine for yourself how romantic and beautiful saying your vows outdoors can be.

Enables You to Incorporate Nature’s Beauty Into Your Ceremony

One of the main reasons for having an outdoor Las Vegas ceremony vs an indoor wedding is to incorporate all that nature has to offer into your big day. Depending on where you get married, this could be incredible mountain landscapes, amazing city lights from the Vegas Strip during evening ceremonies, lush greenery, or perhaps a beautiful blue lake. Any of these elements can add so much to your special day, creating a stunning backdrop as you say your “I DOs”. Also, for those couples who are booking a ceremony and reception package at Always & Forever, know that you will be able to enjoy nature’s scenic views during the reception as well because our banquet halls have beautiful large glass windows with stunning lake and garden views.

Natural Outdoor Lighting is Ideal for Wedding Photography

Another aspect of outdoor weddings that kicks things up a notch is the fact that natural lighting makes for sensational wedding photography. The difference, of course, between naturally lit wedding photography and artificial lighting is the source of light – the sun versus electronic lighting equipment, although some do use a mix of both.

Although both sources of light are professionally utilized, many brides and grooms prefer natural lighting. Why is this the case? Well, first off, a photographer has great flexibility to capture almost any moment without having to lug around or position professional lights to set up the shot first.

Most importantly, natural lighting, depending upon the time of day, can add a beautiful soft glow or amazing brilliance to wedding photos. Additionally, there is one aspect of outdoor lighting that no other lighting source can match, and that’s the breathtaking light provided at sunset, which we will discuss next.

Sunsets Can Create a Magical Las Vegas Wedding Day

Sunsets can be magical, and if you’ve ever seen a Las Vegas sunset, then you know what we’re talking about. Many couples specifically book an outdoor Las Vegas wedding that takes place at sunset so they can have an incredibly beautiful ceremony that will be captured forever in their wedding album. A sunset wedding can create a romantic atmosphere where your wedding guests will be captivated by the stunning colors that are cast down upon you and your loved one as you say your vows.

Las Vegas sunsets showcase a multitude of unbelievable colors, such as red, gold, pink, purple, yellow, orange, and the like. This time of day doesn’t create harsh lighting, but instead, flattering soft lighting. For those who will have a lake as their backdrop, just imagine how these colors will look reflecting off the water as you marry your spouse-to-be. As you can imagine, all the benefits of a sunset wedding make an outdoor Las Vegas ceremony package a very popular one.

Outdoor Ceremony Venues at Always & Forever

At Always & Forever, couples can utilize an outdoor Las Vegas wedding ceremony venue that fits their needs; we have four – Grand Garden, Heritage Garden, Swan Garden, or Waterfall Garden. They all sport romantic, charming, and elegant features that you’ll fall in love with.

Our Grand, Heritage, and Swan Garden outdoor ceremony spaces have dream come true lake views – and remember how sensational a sunset ceremony can look during a lake wedding. Additionally, the lake showcases a charming stone bridge over the water, as well as swans that look picture-perfect. Also, each ceremony site is situated within a lush green garden, complete with tranquil swaying willow trees. These outdoor ceremony spaces feature wedding gazebos that can add a fairy tale quality to your big day. We also have a special ceremony location that, instead of a lake view, boasts a gorgeous 6-foot waterfall; it’s called Waterfall Garden, and it’s a must-see.

Always & Forever Outdoor Ceremony Site Image Galleries

Take a moment to view our four outdoor ceremony sites for yourself by visiting the image galleries below:

You can also visit our main Image gallery page, where you can access all our galleries in one convenient place.

Advantages of Getting Married in a Las Vegas Indoor Ceremony Venue

Best Indoor Wedding Chapel in the Las Vegas Area
Las Vegas Indoor Wedding Chapel Packages

For some couples, they know immediately that an indoor wedding is the path they’re going to take. This might be because they have always envisioned a chapel wedding, or maybe it’s important to them to tie the knot within their own church, and so on.

But for those who don’t have a preference when it comes to indoor vs outdoor Las Vegas wedding ceremony venues, we are here to help tip you in one direction. So, now that we have covered the advantages of outdoor ceremonies, it’s time to dive into what makes an indoor wedding beneficial.

Gives Couples the Ability to have a Traditional Chapel Wedding

Some brides and grooms won’t settle for anything less than a traditional indoor chapel ceremony. This could be what they had envisioned from the very start, but they were uncertain if it would be possible in Las Vegas. However, because this city is known as the wedding capital of the world, it most certainly has traditional wedding chapels available – making it easy to have a chapel ceremony after all.

A Las Vegas Indoor Wedding Provides Control Over the Elements

Although having a traditional chapel wedding is high on the list, there is something that many couples feel is just as important, and that’s the fact that an indoor Las Vegas wedding can give you more control over the elements. What elements are we referring to? Well, this would mostly be the weather. When you have an indoor ceremony, you won’t have to worry about figuring out a Plan B if it starts pouring rain.

It’s worth mentioning that although the weather can be a factor in many states, it’s not something you have to worry about in Las Vegas. This city sports a very low percentage of rain per year and is known for its beautiful sunny, clear days.

Indoor Ceremony Venue at Always & Forever

Our premier wedding venue boasts an indoor ceremony space called Lakeview Chapel, and it’s well-known within the industry. Why is this the case? Because this chapel is so unique, with its option to say your vows indoors or just outside the chapel at the edge of a sparkling lake. For those who choose to stand outside the chapel doors, know that your wedding guests will still be able to sit comfortably inside the chapel as you say your “I DOs” in front of them, all while standing under a romantic ceremony gazebo.

Lakeview Chapel has many features that make it a fabulous ceremony venue. This would include its large, floor-to-ceiling glass windows that reveal lake and garden views, as well as its glass doors that open up to the water’s edge and allow for peaceful lake breezes. These features make it equal to having an outdoor wedding when it comes to experiencing nature’s beauty and scenic views during the ceremony.

You will also see elegant chandelier lighting and a modern design throughout. If you can’t envision what this ceremony location has to offer, then head over to the Lakeview Chapel Image Gallery for a preview. Those who find this is a must-have indoor wedding space, then be sure to check out the Lakeview Chapel Ceremony Only Packages page.

Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding Venue Frequently Asked Questions

Many brides and grooms are unsure which type of space would be better for their wedding day needs – an indoor or outdoor Las Vegas ceremony venue. The good news is that Always & Forever is here to help you sort out all the confusion. One way we can help is to answer any questions you may have regarding the topic. With that said, below, you will find a few questions that we commonly receive from couples searching for the perfect wedding venue.

What’s the price difference between Always & Forever’s indoor and outdoor ceremony only packages?

Ceremony only packages at our Las Vegas wedding venue are very affordable, and this applies to both our indoor and outdoor spaces. There is a small difference in price, with the indoor packages being just slightly less than the outdoor wedding packages. We’re providing you with the pricing of Lakeview Chapel and Heritage Garden packages so you can see the price difference in detail.

Indoor Ceremony Only Packages – Lakeview Chapel

Outdoor Ceremony Only Packages – Heritage Garden

Those who are interested in ceremony and reception packages can view our All Inclusive Packages page for information. We also offer affordable reception only packages for those who are having their ceremony elsewhere and need a banquet hall to celebrate their marriage. Additionally, if you’re looking into an all inclusive or reception only package, then you’ll want to head over to our Reception Information page for details about our banquet halls, as well as our post on how to plan a wedding celebration.

Related to the topic, if you’re not sure who is traditionally responsible for the cost of various aspects of a wedding, then we recommend diving into our post titled – Las Vegas Ceremony & Reception – Who Pays for What? You should also check out our Wedding Specials page that can help save you some money.

I’m having a large Las Vegas wedding, what’s your indoor and outdoor ceremony location capacity?

Always & Forever has several locations that vary in capacity – from small weddings with a 60-person capacity to 200 on a larger scale. Because of this, we are able to meet the needs of the many brides and grooms who come to us – from those who are eloping in Las Vegas and have zero guests, to others who are planning a medium-sized affair with 50 guests, to huge weddings of 100 or more. Since we’re not sure what your guest count is, we’ll provide all our ceremony site capacity numbers below.

If you have any questions regarding the size of our ceremony spaces, please feel free to give Always & Forever a call at 702 318-5683. We’re here to help you figure out all the details – from the venue capacity to the wedding packages, and everything in between.

Resources for Those Getting Married Near the Vegas Strip or Downtown

Outdoor Lake and Garden Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Venues with All Inclusive and Ceremony Only Packages
Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Packages

Planning a ceremony and reception can involve many elements – from the color scheme to the wedding day transportation, there are a lot of details to take care of.  Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions has a wide variety of resources that can help you plan your big day, and we have listed them below.

We provide information on things such as the benefits of an all inclusive wedding, and bridal updo hair suggestions, as well as how to plan a Las Vegas wedding ceremony, along with information on ceremony lighting ideas. As you can see, we cover a lot of great topics!

Always & Forever Can Provide a Beautiful Indoor or Outdoor Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Venue!

Whether you’re dreaming of a traditional indoor wedding or a beautiful outdoor ceremony surrounded by nature’s beauty, Always & Forever can help you put together a day you and your guests will cherish forever. Our team of professional ceremony and reception coordinators can help ensure that your day goes better than expected; it’s what we do best. With that said, contact our premier wedding venue, that’s located near the Vegas Strip, to reserve your special date. We can be reached at 702 318-5683, or you can simply contact us online – we can’t wait to meet you and your spouse-to-be!

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