Las Vegas Wedding Planning Checklist for the Perfect Ceremony & Reception

Las Vegas Wedding Planning Checklist for All Inclusive and Ceremony Only Packages

Did you just get engaged and decide to get married in the wedding capital of the world, but you’re not sure where to start? If so, we’re going to make it easy for you with a Las Vegas wedding planning checklist for putting together the perfect ceremony and reception. Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions hosts hundreds of weddings each year, and because of this, we have extensive knowledge on the topic that we can pass down to you in a detailed wedding-to-do list. And no matter what type of wedding you have in mind, our checklist covers the basics, making it universal. Get ready to have some fun reading over all the elements needed to create your dream-come-true wedding day!

Las Vegas Pre-Wedding Checklist for Your Ceremony & Reception

Pre-Wedding To-Do List for Las Vegas Weddings in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin
Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Packages

After the initial excitement of getting engaged, the realization that you’ll need to plan an important event sets in. Still excited, you start to feel a bit stressed because although you have settled on the location the wedding will take place in, which is Las Vegas, you don’t know how to put the ceremony and reception together.

This is a perfectly normal scenario; most brides and grooms have never even helped someone plan a wedding, so they have no experience when it comes to things such as the ceremony flowers, the reception meal, and everything in between. As you can imagine, it can be a bit confusing. No need to worry, though; we are here for you with our Las Vegas wedding checklist that covers the basics. It will certainly get the ball rolling so you feel more organized and confident about what needs to be done for your big day. With all that said, let’s begin listing out all the fun and essential things you’ll need to do before your wedding day.

12+ Months – Las Vegas Wedding Checklist Items

Some pre-wedding checklist items should be done right away, and twelve plus months is recommended, or as soon as possible depending on how far out you have set your wedding date. Here are the elements that are included in this timeframe:

First Things First – Figure Out Your Wedding Budget

Figuring out your budget from the very beginning is essential and that’s why it’s our first checklist item! The wedding budget can determine the number of guests you’ll be able to invite, the type of ceremony and reception venue to book, the food that will be served, and so on. Once you put your budget together, you can determine how much can be allocated toward each element of your big day.

It’s crucial that you carefully think through all the items you’ll need funds for because if one expense is accidentally left off the list, it can throw your whole budget off down the line and become a stressful situation when you discover you don’t actually have enough money for what’s needed. Additionally, Sticking to your budget is important, so try not to be tempted by fabulous upgrades that are presented to you if it’s not in your budget because it can cut into the money you set aside for other wedding elements.

Creating a budget for your Las Vegas wedding and keeping track of the numbers can be easily done by inputting your estimated expenses into a spreadsheet. And for those couples who want to take it to the next level, there are lots of tools that help keep your budget on track, and can be found by doing a simple online search.

Start Creating Your Las Vegas Wedding Guest List

Ok, now that your budget is completed, you can begin putting your guest list together. When figuring out how many guests to include, don’t forget that each person you invite will add to the cost in regards to per-plate fees, or even just being a determining factor between booking a small or large Las Vegas wedding package. Now, if you’re not so much concerned about your budget, then just focus on who you want to invite, not how many you can include.

For those on a tight budget, it’s worth determining if you’re ok with allowing children to attend, or if you want to leave out the “plus 1” on the invitations. Adding a “plus 1” is the norm, but it can actually double the guest list. If you do indeed have a small budget, then create your preferred list that includes everyone you would love to invite, and then you can decide who should be taken off to have your list reflect your budget.

Bride & Groom Begin Selecting the Wedding Party

For some brides and grooms, this wedding checklist item can either be fun or stressful. What can make it stressful? Well, imagine having a large group of close friends, too many to include as bridesmaids, which would result in having to cut some people out, and cause you to worry about hurt feelings. Now, imagine having to choose just one of them to be your maid of honor. For some, as far as the maid of honor goes, this is no problem because they may have one best friend, or a sister who will fit the role. We suggest making a list of the friends and family you would like to be in your wedding party, and then really think it through. Or, if you’re having a wedding for two, you won’t have to worry about it one bit. Be sure to check out our post on choosing your bridesmaids for some great tips you can use to make the selection process easier.

Research and Book a Las Vegas Ceremony & Reception Venue

Popular Las Vegas Wedding Venue with Lake and Garden View Ceremony Locations and Wedding Coordinators Included in all Packages
Las Vegas All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Now for an exciting item on our Las Vegas wedding checklist; finding a fabulous ceremony and reception venue. Fortunately, this is an easy item to check off your list because we already know the best wedding venue in the Las Vegas area, it’s Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions.

Why is this the case? Because our full-service wedding venue has everything a couple would need to have the beautiful ceremony and reception they have been dreaming of. In addition to this, Always & Forever is located near the Vegas Strip so you can conveniently have your wedding and honeymoon in the same location.

Ok, so what makes Always & Forever so great? For starters, our venue is located on lakefront property, allowing you to say your “I DOs” at the edge of a sparkling lake, and this is especially romantic during sunset hours. Our venue also showcases lush green gardens, as well as gazebos, and a wide variety of wedding packages to fit your budget, as well as the number of guests you would like to invite.

Here’s a list of our gallery pages so you can take a sneak peek at the specific ceremony and reception venues that are located at Always & Forever:

Always & Forever includes all that you would need for a perfect ceremony and reception – the wedding planner, ceremony music, flowers, wedding cake, chairs, tables, a professional wedding DJ, and more. So if you book a package with our venue, know that every detail will be taken care of for you.

We suggest heading over to Always & Forever’s main Wedding Packages page to see which one fits your needs. Or, give us a call at 702 318-5683, and one of our coordinators can help you determine the package that’s best for your situation. You can also read our Ceremony and Reception Packages page for information on what we can offer you on your special day.

6 to 9 Months –Las Vegas Wedding Checklist Items

Now that you’ve gotten some of the bigger items out of the way, like putting your guest list together and finding the best Las Vegas wedding venue, it’s time to move on to other items that don’t require as much time, but are equally as important. The following items are typically completed around six to nine months before the wedding day.

Time to Try On Wedding Dresses and Order the Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Now for the fun part – it’s time to try on beautiful wedding dresses! Six to nine months before your big day, you should be visiting wedding boutiques, bridal shops, or even searching online to locate that once-in-a-lifetime dress that you’ll marry the one you love in. Most brides need alterations so ordering far in advance is essential. It’s also time to meet with your bridesmaids to brainstorm the type of dresses they will showcase on your wedding day. Putting this line item six to nine months out on your wedding checklist is important because you need enough time to figure out which type of dress will work for all your bridesmaids, as well as have ample time to order the dresses, and still have time left over for alterations.

Find a Professional Photographer to Document Your Las Vegas Wedding

It goes without saying that your wedding day should be well documented because of how incredibly special the occasion is, among other reasons. If you decide to pass on this checklist item to lower your budget, you may find yourself really regretting it after the wedding is completed. For couples who have a tight budget and therefore can’t afford a professional wedding photographer, another option is to have someone pass out disposable cameras to your guests before the ceremony starts, and also put them on the reception tables. This will have your guests taking snapshots during the entire event, and then they can drop them in a decorative box before they leave. For those who intend on hiring a photographer, it’s best to start your search six to nine months in advance so you have time to find a Las Vegas photographer with a good portfolio, and who is available on the day of your wedding.

In addition to all this, we can make this Las Vegas wedding planning checklist item pretty easy to cross off your list because Always & Forever includes a photographer in all their wedding packages. So, be sure to head over to our main Wedding Photography page to find out more details on what we provide. Also, check out our post on the importance of using a professional wedding photographer for your ceremony and reception.

Research Must-Have Wedding Invites and “Save the Date” Cards

You’re counting down the days and now you’re at six to nine months until you walk down the aisle. This means that it’s time to take care of your wedding invitations! Some view this Las Vegas wedding planning checklist item as one that should be taken care of in the twelve month range, but in reality, six months is plenty of time. This timeframe is perfect for the fun task of finding the perfect invitation that you can send out to all your potential guests.

When it comes to wedding invites, there are a few paths you can go down, with the first being the traditional route. This would include mailing out paper invitations with an RSVP card and envelope included, and possibly also sending a “save the date” card beforehand. A matching “thank you” card may also be purchased in advance and sent to those who attended your wedding. The other path is taking a modern approach and sending an e-invite. This is a great option for those who are on a tight budget because, as you can imagine, it’s extremely less expensive than buying and mailing out paper invites. In some cases, depending on which website you use, it may even be free to email your wedding invites and your “save the date” cards to your guests.

We recommend sending your “save the date” cards six to eight months in advance, and your actual wedding invites out about eight weeks before your wedding day.

Book a Florist Who Can Beautifully & Professionally Dress Up Your Wedding Day

Las Vegas Wedding Planning Checklist Items for Brides and Grooms Getting Married Within One Year
Las Vegas Ceremony Only Wedding Packages

Flowers are never required, but you know they’re a must-have if you want your dream-come-true wedding day to become a reality. They’re a Las Vegas wedding checklist item that most brides love diving into because they know the end result will be a gorgeous ceremony and reception.

Flowers are an important element, so you’ll want to make sure you have ample time to find a florist that can meet your needs, and who has experience dressing up a ceremony space, reception table centerpieces, creating beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres, as well as have the ability to make a ceremony gazebo look fantastic, and so on.

Flowers can be expensive, and this is why Always & Forever includes flower credits with our wedding packages. Not only does it make your wedding more affordable, but it also checks one item off your list that you won’t have to worry about. We have an informative Wedding Flowers page that you’ll want to take a look at, as well as a post on all you need to know about ceremony and reception wedding flowers.

Select a Las Vegas Wedding Officiant & File for Your Marriage License

Many couples have someone from their home church to marry them, but if you’re getting married in Las Vegas, and you’re from another state, you’ll need to find an officiant. This can be done by simply searching online, because as you can imagine, there are plenty of options in the wedding capital of the world. Even so, this can be confusing for couples who have no experience in searching for someone to marry them. With that said, you’ll be happy to know that, although the minister’s fee is not included, Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions assigns a trusted and licensed officiate for traditional or civil ceremonies for couples booking a Las Vegas ceremony only or all inclusive wedding package – so you can cross this pre-planning item off your checklist also.

Related to this is filing for your marriage license, and this can be done the day of your marriage or anytime up to three months before your wedding day. However, we recommend filing in advance and not waiting the day of. You’ll find it helpful to read over our post on how to file for a Las Vegas marriage license, or you can stop by our main Marriage License page for more details.

3 Months –Las Vegas Wedding Checklist Items

To avoid a time crunch in the final days, be sure to get these pre-wedding planning items completed at least three months before you say your vows.

Begin Shopping for Your Wedding Bands

With all the big and little things you need to do to get your wedding day in order, there’s one thing you’ll want to take care of on time, and that would be your wedding rings. You should start searching for your wedding bands about three months before you tie the knot. We recommend visiting several jewelers, as well as researching online to get ideas of what you like and don’t like. You don’t have to purchase them at this time, but plan on buying your rings about six weeks prior to your wedding day. Also, if you’re having engraving done, or having your rings custom designed, then you may want to give yourself a little extra time, just to be safe.

Book Your Hair & Makeup Specialist at a Las Vegas Bridal Salon

Looking your very best on your wedding day is typically a must, but fortunately, it’s a fun task, one in which you get to have the star treatment with your hair, makeup, and nails perfectly done. We’re placing this within the three month timeframe of the wedding planning checklist, just to ensure you have enough time to find your preferred stylist and makeup artist, as well as being able to have a few trial runs, if needed. There are typically two appointments involved for a bride, and that would be the trial run, and the actual wedding day appointment.

As for the groom, they normally just book one appointment that typically takes place the week of the wedding. If you’re getting married at Always & Forever, we suggest utilizing The Salon at Lakeside for your bridal hair and makeup needs. Be sure to take a moment to read over this Bridal Hair & Makeup page for some inspiration, as well as our post that includes fabulous examples of bridal updos. If you’re interested in The Salon at Lakeside, you will be happy to know that they have years of bridal salon experience and can create the look you’re striving for. Here are a few pages related to their bridal salon services:

Time to Order a Wedding Tux for the Groom & Groomsmen

Some say it’s best to order your tux at least six months before the wedding, but three months should be plenty of time because there are not as many variations for men when it comes to wedding attire. You will most likely need to visit the tux shop three times; a day to shop for the look you’re after and get fitted, a second visit to pick up your tux and try it on, and one last visit to return the rental, unless you’re buying it.

Common Las Vegas Wedding Planning Checklist Questions

If I’m eloping do I still need a wedding checklist to plan my big day? 

We suggest you have a pre-wedding to-do list no matter what type of wedding you’re planning or what the timeframe is. From the dress, marriage license, rings, and more, there are still things to take care of, even if you’re eloping. If you’re indeed eloping in Las Vegas, then you’re in luck because this city is famous for couples taking this path. Because of this, you will have a lot more options to choose from, and a wide variety of wedding packages designed for a wedding for two. Always & Forever has several packages designed for couples who want to elope, as well as several lake wedding ceremony altars that you will fall in love with. You can also take a look at our Wedding Specials page to see if any of our packages fit your needs.

What pre-wedding checklist item is the most important?

Although every item on a wedding to-do list is important on its own, finding a Las Vegas wedding venue you love, and booking it in time, is an important part of the planning process. Why is this the case? Because wedding venues can book up fast, and if you have a specific date in mind, you will want to ensure you can reserve it – so starting at the twelve month mark is important. In addition to this, using Always & Forever as an example, we have several ceremony sites to offer, so booking early will enable you to reserve the specific venue you’re interested in before anyone else grabs it!

Here are a few outdoor wedding packages, as well as indoor ceremony options that Always & Forever offers so you can get an idea of package type and pricing:

Helpful Resources For Planning a Ceremony & Reception Near the Vegas Strip

Checklist for Getting Married in the Las Vegas Area – Near Downtown or the Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Wedding Venue Packages

With your wedding checklist in hand, you will need some important resources to help you work through all the items. Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions has a wide variety of informational pages that pertain to Las Vegas weddings that will set you on the path to a picture-perfect wedding day, and we have listed them below.

They include details on who pays for what for your ceremony and reception, whether or not you should have an open bar, information on evening weddings, packages for reception only affairs, as well as a page full of Las Vegas ceremony information, and more.

Always & Forever Can Help You Cross Items Off Your Wedding Checklist!

Many of the items on our wedding planning checklist can be automatically crossed off when you utilize our full-service wedding venue – we include the flowers, the ceremony and reception hall, the photographer, and more. Always & Forever has been in the wedding industry for years, specializing in helping couples put their big day together. This makes planning your big day fun and stress-free, as well as provides everything that’s needed for you to have the wedding you have always envisioned. Our team works with couples every day, bringing their wedding to life, and this is what we can do for you also. If we have sparked your interest, feel free to contact us so we can help you choose a Las Vegas venue and package that fits your wedding day needs!

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