Wedding Cake Designs

Always & Forever Wedding Cake Designs

For the brides and grooms who will be booking an all inclusive or reception only package at Always & Forever, know that a fabulous multi-tier wedding cake comes complete with your wedding day package. We know the importance of having a beautiful and elegant wedding cake served at your reception, one that not only looks incredible, but also tastes exceptional.

Our wedding cakes come in two sizes – 2-tier and 3-tier, with the top tier measuring 6″ x 9″. Which one is served will depend on your guest count and the package you select. Along with this, your package will come with professional cake services which includes a dedicated cake table, table linens in the color of your choice, utensils, and servers. We provide you with everything that’s needed to make your wedding cake experience outstanding.

6 Popular Wedding Cake Designs to Choose From

Below you will find our six wedding cake designs that were carefully and thoughtfully crafted with you and your guests in mind. We realize that a wedding cake is not just a dessert served at your reception; it’s a beautiful and joyous representation of your wedding celebration, as well as an elegant piece that will certainly capture the attention of your guests. With that said, take a look at our six Las Vegas wedding cake designs that we have created and include in your reception only or all inclusive wedding day package.

Our Wedding Cakes are Sure to Impress Your Reception Guests

We know that you and your guests will be impressed by the beautiful wedding cake that we provide – from the design to the exceptional quality, it will certainly exceed your expectations. If you have any questions regarding our wedding cake that comes with our reception only and all inclusive packages, feel free to contact Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions by calling (702) 318-5683.

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