Las Vegas Wedding Reception Hall Venues & Packages

If you’re looking for an elegant reception hall that comes with an all inclusive package, or perhaps a banquet hall for a reception only affair, Always & Forever has what you’re looking for. Our Las Vegas wedding and reception venue is the home of several modern and exquisite reception halls that enable you to celebrate your marriage in style. In addition to this, our venue is situated near the Vegas Strip, as well as close to downtown Las Vegas, making it the perfect location to gather for a wedding reception. With all that in mind, take a moment to dive into the following information to learn more about what Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions has to offer you and the one you love.

Las Vegas Wedding Reception Venues – Swan Banquet Room & Grand Atrium Reception Hall

Always & Forever offers two main reception halls where you can gather to celebrate your marriage. This includes our Swan Banquet Room and Grand Atrium Reception Hall. Both provide the bride and groom, along with their guests, everything that’s needed to have a memorable wedding reception. Which banquet hall you celebrate in will depend upon the ceremony venue you choose. For instance, if you decide to say your vows within the beautiful Heritage Garden with one of our outdoor wedding packages, the reception to follow will take place in our Swan Banquet Room, and we will go into more detail on this in our all inclusive section. The exception to this case is when you book a reception only package, in which you can choose between the two. Now, let’s dive in and find out all about these two outstanding reception halls.

The Swan Banquet Room

Las Vegas Reception Hall Venue Packages for Swan Banquet Room in the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin
Swan Banquet Room Venue Packages

Our Swan Banquet Room is an exceptional choice for any couple seeking out a fabulous reception hall to celebrate their marriage with the people that mean the most to them.

Always & Forever’s Swan Banquet Room is perfect for large, medium, or small wedding guest counts. With its modern design, attention to detail, and large glass windows that reveal stunning lake and garden views, we know that you will fall in love with our Swan Banquet Room. With that said, take a moment to read more about the features of this outstanding Las Vegas banquet hall:

Swan Banquet Room’s Outstanding Features:

  • This banquet hall can accommodate up to 225 wedding guests
  • Always & Forever’s Wedding and Receptions largest banquet hall
  • Showcases breathtaking lake and garden views
  • Crystal chandeliers add a touch of elegance
  • Crown molding design creates a modern look
  • Showcases a beautiful glass solarium with a vintage chandelier
  • Solarium boasts romantic twinkle lighting
  • This Las Vegas reception venue sports a built-in bar. You may want to read up on which bar opens are best by checking out our post on open bars.
  • Popular built-in dance floor included
  • Temperature controlled/air-conditioned

The Grand Atrium Reception Hall

Reception Only and All Inclusive Packages with Elegant Las Vegas Banquet Hall Options
Grand Atrium Reception Hall Packages

Always & Forever has designed the Grand Atrium Reception Hall to meet the needs of those requiring an elegant space to celebrate their wedding with friends and family. It boasts many exceptional features that will be sure to impress, as well as allow for stunning wedding photography. Below, you will find some of Grand Atrium’s most notable features.

Grand Atrium’s Reception Hall’s Fabulous Features:

  • Up to 130 wedding guests can be comfortably seated
  • Boasts large glass windows with outstanding lake views
  • Also features beautiful lush green garden views
  • Sports attractive contemporary iron accents
  • Banquet hall showcases lovely Edison ceiling lighting
  • Attention to detail with modern crown molding
  • Las Vegas reception hall with a two-sided built-in bar
  • Features a popular built-in dance floor
  • Air conditioned for a comfortable atmosphere

Utilize One of Our Las Vegas Banquet Halls with an All Inclusive or Reception Only Package

Always & Forever can make your planning a wedding reception easy with one of our outstanding all inclusive packages, or a Las Vegas reception only package – no matter what your needs are, we are here to make your day exceptional. We offer the use of our Swan Banquet Room and our Grand Atrium Reception Hall for those who tie the knot at Swan Garden, Grand Garden, Heritage Garden, or Lakeview Chapel, as well as those who only book a reception with us. Please note that brides and grooms who say their vows within Waterfall Garden will have their wedding celebration within the Royal Banquet Room. As a future reference, we also provide the use of our reception halls for those seeking out a location to host a special event.

Ok, let’s dive into some information pertaining to our reception halls, beginning with our reception only packages:

Reception Only Venues & Packages

For those happy couples who already have a ceremony location booked elsewhere, we will gladly provide you with a Las Vegas reception hall package to celebrate your wedding day. For reception hall packages that don’t include a ceremony, we offer our Swan Banquet Room and Grand Atrium Reception Hall, and we will discuss our reception only packages in detail below.

1. Swan Banquet – Reception Only Packages

Our reception only packages that were created for our Swan Banquet Room will provide you with an elegant banquet hall, a meal that you and your wedding guests will love, and more. Below you will find our popular Swan Banquet reception only packages that are based on the number of guests that will be attending:

2. Grand Atrium – Reception Only Packages

When you book a Las Vegas reception only package with Always & Forever, you have the option to utilize our Grand Atrium Reception Hall. This gorgeous venue will bring your wedding celebration to life, complete with a popular dance floor and built-in bar. Grand Atrium has an elegant design that you and your guests will love and a romantic atmosphere that’s fitting for the occasion. Depending upon the number of guests you will be inviting, one of the following packages will be perfect for you and your spouse-to-be.

Reception Only Package Inclusions for Las Vegas Wedding Celebrations

Our reception only packages come with impressive inclusions that make your wedding day complete – from a fantastic meal to a professional Las Vegas DJ; we have you covered. Below, you will find a list of what is included with the reception only packages at Always & Forever:

  • A choice of celebrating in either our Swan Banquet Room or the Grand Atrium Reception Hall.
  • Your Las Vegas reception only package comes with an experienced event planner.
  • We will perfectly set up the reception chairs and tables for you and your guests.
  • You may reserve gold Chiavari chairs, chair covers and sashes (additional costs apply).
  • All reception area tables will include one elegant rose centerpiece.
  • We provide you with a wide variety of linen color choices to match your wedding colors.
  • A Champagne toast will be offered to all wedding guests who are 21 and older.
  • The bride and groom will enjoy table services during the reception.
  • Your Las Vegas wedding reception comes with an experienced DJ/emcee.
  • Reception only packages come complete with an outstanding buffet meal with options from our Classic and International menus.
  • Includes water, soda, coffee, and tea, with the option to upgrade to a hosted or cash bar.
  • A must-have multi-tier wedding cake will be included in your Las Vegas reception only package, as well as professional cake services.

If you’re planning on booking a reception celebration, we suggest heading over to our main Reception Only Packages page.

All Inclusive Ceremony and Reception Hall Venues & Packages

Our all inclusive packages come with the use of one of our Las Vegas ceremony sites, as well as one of our elegant reception halls. An all inclusive package is one that should be booked if the bride and groom would like every part of their wedding day taken care of for them, as well as those who would like the ceremony and reception conveniently held at the same venue. Below, we list our ceremony sites and which reception hall is utilized with each one, as well as information on the packages that can be booked for each venue and the inclusions that come with them.

1. The Swan Garden Ceremony Site & Swan Banquet Room

When you reserve one of our packages that includes the use of the elegant Swan Garden, the reception to follow will be held within the Swan Banquet Room. Together, these ceremony and reception venues create the perfect wedding day, complete with stunning scenery for impressive wedding photos. Above, we described our Swan Banquet Room in detail, and you can read all about the Swan Garden ceremony venue below:

  • Our Swan Garden ceremony site is just steps away from the Swan Banquet Hall
  • Showcases an ivy-entwined gazebo that can be adorned with flowers
  • This Las Vegas ceremony venue sits on the lake’s edge and provides stunning views
  • Located within a beautiful green garden with peaceful swaying willow trees
  • You will see a charming stone bridge over the water in the distance

All Inclusive Packages for Swan Garden & Swan Banquet Room

Take a moment to view Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions all inclusive packages according to the number of guests you will be inviting:

If your interest has been sparked, we suggest heading over to our image gallery for the Swan Garden Ceremony Site & Swan Banquet Room. Additionally, you will want to read over our post on planning a Las Vegas wedding ceremony, so that you’re well prepared!

2. The Grand Garden Ceremony Site & Grand Atrium Reception Hall

As we discussed above, the Grand Atrium Reception Hall has many elegant and modern features that can exceed your expectations. The Grand Garden ceremony venue is equally matched in appearance, and when you book an all inclusive package, these two ceremony and reception locations are perfectly paired up to create the wedding day you have been dreaming of.

Let’s learn more about the Grand Garden ceremony venue:

  • Located just steps away from the Grand Atrium Reception Hall
  • Situated within a beautiful courtyard complete with impressive statues
  • Ceremony site boasts an outstanding stone walkway that leads to the altar
  • Includes a romantic ceremony gazebo that sits on the edge of a sparkling lake
  • In the distance a charming stone bridge over the lake is seen
  • Las Vegas ceremony venue set within an exceptional garden

Take a moment to view our image gallery for the Grand Garden Ceremony Site & Grand Atrium Reception Hall.

All Inclusive Packages for Grand Garden & Grand Atrium Reception Hall

Always & Forever offers Las Vegas all inclusive packages for Grand Garden and Grand Atrium based on your wedding guest count. View the packages below to see which one best fits your needs:

If you found a must-have package above, be sure to book it soon, so you can reserve your preferred wedding date!

3. The Heritage Garden Ceremony Site & Swan Banquet Room

Those who choose to get married within our gorgeous Heritage Garden will be able to celebrate afterward within the Swan Banquet Room. Heritage Garden is popular among brides and grooms who are looking for a stunning wedding venue that will provide a setting that will wow their guests. Let’s see what incredible features this Las Vegas ceremony site has to offer:

  • Heritage Garden is located within the same venue as the Swan Banquet Room.
  • This Las ceremony location boasts cascading arches that create a sensational walkway
  • Located in a beautiful garden setting complete with tranquil swaying willow trees
  • Wedding altar situated at the edge of a breathtaking lake
  • Showcases an exceptional ceremony gazebo with the lake as its backdrop
  • Views include a charming stone bridge over the lake

Stop by the image gallery for Heritage Garden, and the Swan Banquet Room for a look at all these wedding venues have to offer you on your big day.

All Inclusive Packages for Heritage Garden & Swan Banquet Room

Our full-service wedding venue offers four incredible all inclusive packages for those who prefer to get married within the Heritage Garden ceremony space. The package that will best fit your needs would be based on the number of guests that will be attending.

4. The Lakeview Chapel Ceremony Site & Banquet Hall

Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions knows that there are many couples who would love to have a beautiful Las Vegas indoor wedding chapel ceremony. For those couples, we present our Lakeview Chapel all inclusive packages that provide all that’s needed to have a romantic indoor wedding near the Vegas Strip, as well as downtown Las Vegas.

When it comes to the best wedding chapel in the Las Vegas area, we know it’s the Lakeview Chapel. Why are we so sure? Because this indoor wedding ceremony space has features that are unlike any other wedding chapel in Vegas – let’s dive into these features so you can get a full picture of just how incredible this chapel really is:

  • Access to one the of most popular wedding chapels near the Vegas Strip
  • Packages include the use of one of our beautiful Las Vegas reception halls
  • Stunning lake and garden views are revealed through the large chapel windows
  • Say your vows indoors or just steps outside the chapel at the lake’s edge
  • Lakeview Chapel boasts wide glass doors that provide peaceful lake breezes
  • Chandelier lighting within the chapel adds a touch of elegance

Lakeview Chapel & Reception Hall Packages for All Inclusive Weddings

We offer four Las Vegas all inclusive wedding packages that you can choose from based on your guest count. They all provide fabulous inclusions and a chance to say your vows within a beautiful indoor ceremony space that showcases sparkling lake views:


If you’re interested in having an indoor Las Vegas wedding, then be sure to head over to our Lakeview Chapel Packages page for more details.

5. The Waterfall Garden Ceremony Site & The Royal Banquet Room

Waterfall Garden Ceremony Site and Royal Banquet Room – Las Vegas All Inclusive Packages
Waterfall Garden All Inclusive Packages

Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions has a unique ceremony space that’s perfect for your big day. This is because within this garden sits a 6-foot cascading waterfall that’s situated near the wedding altar.

Additionally, the Royal Banquet Room is within the same space, so you and your guests can simply walk right into the banquet hall once the ceremony is completed.

Let’s take a look at what both the Waterfall Garden ceremony venue, as well as its associated reception hall have to offer:

Waterfall Garden Ceremony Site:

  • An elegant arched ceremony gazebo to say your vows under
  • Showcases a romantic 6-foot cascading waterfall
  • Situated within a lovely garden with swaying willow trees
  • Ideal for smaller Las Vegas all inclusive weddings

Waterfall Garden Royal Banquet Room:

  • This outstanding reception venue can accommodate up to 60 people
  • The cascading waterfall can be seen from within the banquet hall
  • Elegant chandeliers within the Royal Banquet Room look exceptional
  • Choice of either an outdoor stone accent bar or indoor wooden accent bar
  • Upgraded wood flooring has been added to this Las Vegas reception hall
  • You and your guests will love the Royal Banquet Room’s built-in dance floor

Don’t forget to stop by the image gallery for our Waterfall Garden & Royal Banquet Room for a preview of this Las Vegas ceremony and reception hall venue.

All Inclusive Packages for Waterfall Garden & Royal Banquet Room

We offer three affordable Waterfall Garden all inclusive ceremony site and reception hall venue packages. The package that would be best for you would depend on your guest count, and if your guest count falls between two package tiers, we can easily accommodate your needs with a per-person fee.

What’s Included in Our All Inclusive Ceremony & Reception Hall Packages?

When you book an all inclusive package at Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions, you can count on us to provide you with all that’s needed for a successful ceremony and wedding celebration, no matter if it’s for a large or small wedding ceremony. Our team of professional wedding planners will assist you every step of the way to create your dream come true wedding. With that said, let’s take a look at all the inclusions that come with our ceremony and reception packages:

  • Use of one of our beautiful ceremony sites – Swan Garden, Heritage Garden, Grand Garden, Lakeview Chapel, or Waterfall Garden.
  • Most all inclusive packages will come with the use of one of our bridal suites prior to the ceremony.
  • We provide you with a licensed minister to perform your ceremony, with the minister’s fee paid separately. Make sure you have the proper documents beforehand by heading over to our post on how to file for a Las Vegas marriage license.
  • A lovely hand-tied rose bouquet and rose boutonniere will come with your Las Vegas wedding package.
  • The ceremony location chairs will be conveniently set up for your guests, and everything else will be in place.
  • Always & Forever will ensure that traditional wedding music is played during the ceremony.
  • We include an experienced wedding photographer, with photo packages purchased separately.
  • You will receive wedding flower credits; the amount depends on the all inclusive package you select.
  • For those who are in need of them, witnesses will be provided for the ceremony.
  • All inclusive packages come with the assistance of a professional event planner.
  • Access to one of our elegant Las Vegas reception halls to celebrate your marriage in.
  • As with the ceremony, your reception room chairs and tables will be set up for you.
  • Your package will come with professional table services for the bride and groom.
  • You may upgrade to gold Chiavari chairs, chair covers and sashes for an exceptional look.
  • Each table within the reception hall will have one beautiful rose centerpiece placed.
  • Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions has many linen color choices for you to choose from.
  • Your Las Vegas reception will come with a Champagne toast for those who are 21 and older.
  • A DJ/emcee will be provided and make your wedding celebration a success.
  • All reception hall buffet meals come with outstanding menu selections from our Classic or International options.
  • Basic all inclusive packages come with coffee, tea, soda, and water, with the option to upgrade to a hosted or cash bar.
  • You and your guests will love the multi-tier wedding cake and cake services that come with our Las Vegas ceremony and wedding reception packages.

Always & Forever Reception Only and All Inclusive Resources

Las Vegas Wedding Reception Hall Venue Only Packages at Lakeside Weddings and Events
Las Vegas Reception Only Packages

We know how much planning can go into a reception only affair, as well as an all inclusive wedding. Because of this, we have put together many resource pages for the brides and grooms that come to us. From wedding flowers and choosing your bridesmaids, to details on ceremonies that take place at sunset, as well as info on planning a wedding for 50 guests or more; we cover it all. Below, you will find a list of our most popular pages:

Always & Forever’s Reception Hall Packages with All Inclusive Options Can Make Your Las Vegas Wedding Dreams Come True!

As you can see, our full-service wedding venue offers amazing reception hall venues and ceremony sites. Whether you’re in need of a reception only or an all inclusive package, we can make it happen for you. Additionally, with our lake and garden views, as well as the option to get married next to a cascading waterfall, we know you will love what we have to offer. If you would like to book your special day before someone else grabs it, be sure to reach out to us at (702) 318-5683. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan your perfect wedding day!

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