Top Reasons for having a Sunset Wedding in Las Vegas

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Top Reasons for having a Sunset Wedding in Las Vegas

Most people love watching the skyline while the sun is setting because it’s such a beautiful sight to see, and it’s just one reason why having a sunset wedding in Las Vegas is such a great idea. This time of day is a highly sought-after time slot to tie the knot, especially when you marry at a venue that features a gorgeous lake that can reflect all the amazing colors that the sun has to offer at twilight. Now that we have your attention, let’s dive into the top reasons for having a sunset wedding in Las Vegas so you can decide for yourself if this is the type of ceremony you would like to have.

Why You Should Consider Having a Sunset Wedding in Las Vegas

We realize that getting married at any time of the day is special when you’re saying your “I DOs” to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. But imagine taking your wedding one step future and tying it in with the beauty of nature, specifically, having a ceremony during the most beautiful time of the day, at sunset. An evening wedding such as this can be a fabulous time to tie the knot when you are getting married in the wedding capital of the world because Las Vegas is known for producing incredible sunsets. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few other reasons why having a sunset wedding in Las Vegas is such a fantastic idea.

Weddings that Take Place at Sunset Provide Naturally Beautiful Wedding Photos

Where to Get Married at Sunset Near the Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Outdoor Sunset Weddings

When planning a wedding, one thing that most brides and grooms have in mind is to make sure they have a professional photographer that takes outstanding wedding photos. One aspect of good ceremony photography is to ensure a good lighting setup. The photographer can produce photos that are not up to par if there is less than desirable outdoor lighting available. That said, when you have a wedding that takes place at sunset, you, as well as your photographer, will be all set and won’t even have to think about lighting issues.

You see, the lighting produced when the sun is setting is soft, which can eliminate common issues such as harsh shadows, too much contrast, as well as the bride and groom squinting from bright lighting. In addition to soft lighting, one of the best aspects of a sunset wedding, is the exceptional colors it can produce – incredible shades of orange, red, yellow, blue, pink, purple and other colors that typically make an appearance during this magical hour.

Now, imagine having a small intimate ceremony or even a larger affair right on the edge of a lake where these colors can reflect so beautifully off the lake, creating a scene from a fairy tale wedding, especially when you’re standing under a charming ceremony gazebo. Nothing compares to the lighting that is produced during a sunset wedding in Las Vegas, and it will make your wedding photos look exceptionally gorgeous.

Saying Your Vows at the Twilight Hour is as Romantic as it Gets

Everyone knows how romantic a sunset can make an occasion – a marriage proposal, a wedding, a toast during a wedding anniversary celebration, and the like. The beauty of a sunset is truly breathtaking, and on top of this, sunsets are unique in that no two are alike, which makes it even more special and romantic. The colors that are cast down upon the bride and groom create a warm golden hue of amazing colors that are only possible when the sun is setting. Just imagine how fabulous your ceremony space could look with gorgeous wedding flowers and a stunning sunset!

When you tie the knot at Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions, the romance will be taken a step further by the fact that we have wedding altars that are on the lake’s edge, and you will say your vows within a lush green garden. Also, we feel that a lake wedding at twilight is truly romantic. Always & Forever specializes in sunset weddings and would love to provide you and the one you love with a lakeside ceremony space where you can have the wedding of your dreams during the most beautiful time of the day. If you’re considering having a sunset wedding, then be sure to head over to our Wedding Venues page to see our beautiful ceremony sites that look fabulous during twilight.

You Can Have an Indoor Chapel Wedding with Stunning Sunset Views

When you think of a Las Vegas sunset wedding, you most likely think of an outdoor wedding, right? Well, if you prefer to have an indoor wedding, you can have the best of both worlds – a romantic sunset wedding within a beautiful wedding chapel. How is this possible? Always & Forever offers a unique and gorgeous chapel that showcases large floor-to-ceiling glass windows that reveal lake views that reflect the incredible colors of the sunset.

Lakeview chapel also boasts wide-open doors at the front of the chapel that showcases beautiful scenery, including all that a sunset can offer. In addition to this, our wedding chapel offers the opportunity to say your vows directly inside the chapel, or to take a few steps outside the chapel doors and stand at the lake’s edge while your wedding guests sit comfortably within the chapel. As you can imagine, this all provides the ideal backdrop during sunset weddings.

If you’re considering having a sunset wedding in Las Vegas by saying your “I DOs” within this chapel, then head over to our Lakeview Chapel Packages page for more details.

Ceremonies that Take Place Later in the Day Give You More Time to Prepare

Las Vegas Wedding Venue with Sunset Ceremonies
Las Vegas Lake Wedding Ceremonies

Now that you know having a sunset wedding in Las Vegas can produce amazing photography, create a romantic atmosphere, and that it’s possible to have an indoor sunset wedding, let’s go over our last point that pertains to the time your ceremony takes place.

Morning weddings give you the advantage of having a full day of festivities, and early afternoon weddings have the same benefit. But when you tie the knot at sunset, you have the advantage of having the whole day to get ready, which in itself can create a lovely, no-rush, stress-free day. It can also allow extra time for pre-ceremony photos, as well as just spending time with the bridal party before the ceremony starts.

Having a sunset wedding in Las Vegas can also be beneficial to your guests. Why is this the case? It will allow them more time to get ready and prepare for your wedding as well. In addition to this, guests who don’t live in the Las Vegas area will love the fact that they have the whole day to drive if they choose not to stay in a hotel the night before. It will also provide extra time for those who get lost because they are unfamiliar with the area. The bottom line is that a sunset wedding can be a relaxing, beautiful affair that you and your guests will remember forever!

Common Questions Regarding Sunset Weddings in Las Vegas

No matter what the size of a wedding is – a ceremony for two or one for close to 100, because a sunset wedding is so specific, as opposed to the traditional morning or afternoon wedding, it’s common to have a few questions. Here at Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions, we have many twilight ceremonies that take place during the year, and this has equipped us to be able to address your inquiries and concerns. With that said, below, you will find a few of our most common questions regarding this topic.

Should the ceremony start as the sun is setting or right before?

Brides and grooms who are planning to have a Las Vegas ceremony at sun fall can look forward to a romantic and magical wedding day. However, there must be some planning involved to ensure you’re saying your vows at the right time so that you capture the sunset during its peak performance. Starting too early will result in a typical daylight ceremony, and starting too late can end up in darker than expected lighting without all the brilliant colors you were hoping for. It’s pretty easy to determine what time the sun will set; you can do so by using the NOAA Solar Calculator. But once you figure out what time sun fall starts, what’s the best time to start the ceremony?

Below you will find a few tips on the best time to start:

  • A Las Vegas sunset wedding should begin about 15 to 30 minutes prior to the sun setting. This will produce the best results when it comes to the right amount of lighting and ensures you see an incredible display of colors.
  • The sun doesn’t set at the same time every day, so be sure to take into account the season, as well as time changes during the year. Use the above calculator to easily find your perfect start time for the date you have chosen.

Once you decide if a sunset wedding is what you want, see our Las Vegas Wedding Packages page to determine which package might be right for your needs.

How do I research if a golden hour wedding is right for me?

Although a sunset wedding can be outstanding, it may not be right for every couple. Because of this, it’s a good idea to think about your wedding day needs and goals to make sure a ceremony that takes place at this time of day is the best situation for you and your future spouse.

Let’s take a look at a few things you should consider before committing to a sunset ceremony:

  • If you happen to live near the wedding venue you have decided upon, it would be helpful to visit the ceremony location at sunset. This will allow you to see the type of lighting during that time, the atmosphere, and so on. Also, if you are tying the knot at Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions, we invite you to stop by for a personal tour during sunset.
  • You can search the internet for Las Vegas sunset wedding photography to catch a glimpse of what your ceremony will resemble. You will see some amazing images and this might just push you to go with a twilight wedding after all.
  • Do a search on the advantages and disadvantages of getting married when the sun sets. This tip will give you a full overview that can help you decide if it’s right for you or not.
  • If you don’t want your wedding day to end late into the evening, you may want to opt for a morning or early afternoon wedding. In contrast, those who are not morning people and would love to have more time to get ready and enjoy the process, then a sunset wedding might just be the answer.

Additional Wedding Planning Resources

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Las Vegas Gazebo Twilight Weddings

No matter what type of wedding you’re planning – a sunset wedding in Las Vegas, or an early morning ceremony, or if you’re planning a reception only affair, you will need some resources to help you along the way. Like information on obtaining a Las Vegas marriage license, or ideas on bridal updo hairstyles, as well as everything you would need to know for planning a Las Vegas wedding ceremony. With that said, we have created specific pages that are filled with helpful information, and you will find them below:

Have a Romantic Sunset Wedding in Las Vegas at Always & Forever!

Now that you have had the chance to read about the top reasons for having a sunset wedding in Las Vegas, you must be excited about all this type of wedding offers – from the perfect lighting to the brilliant colors, as well as the chance for incredible wedding photography. Sunset weddings are a truly romantic and beautiful experience, and we hope that you are able to tie the knot at Always & Forever at one of our gorgeous lakefront ceremony locations that are perfect for having a twilight wedding. To inquire about booking your special day with us, feel free to reach out by giving us a call at (702) 318-5683, or contact Always & Forever online. We can’t wait to hear from you to discuss all your wedding day plans!

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