A Guide to Outdoor Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

Affordable Outdoor Wedding Venues in Las Vegas – Ceremony Only and All Inclusive Packages

Couples who are seeking out the best outdoor wedding venue in Las Vegas will find that Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions is an exceptional place to tie the knot. Our outdoor ceremony sites feature outstanding lake and garden views that create a fabulous atmosphere for wedding photos. In addition to this, our full-service venue offers options for ceremony only and all inclusive outdoor weddings. Let’s get started and go over, in detail, what Always & Forever has to offer when it comes to beautiful outdoor weddings.


Outdoor Wedding Venues in Las Vegas That Offer Lakeside Ceremonies

Outdoor Las Vegas Ceremony Venues with Wedding Gazebo
Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Venues

Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions has the most beautiful and exceptional outdoor wedding spaces, complete with lakefront ceremony altars that can add a touch of romance to your special day. Our lakeside wedding venues are Grand Garden, Heritage Garden, and Swan Garden – each one sits within a lovely garden setting.

We offer a fourth outdoor wedding venue where instead of a lake view, you and your loved one will say your vows with a beautiful cascading waterfall as your backdrop. This 6-foot water feature sits within our Waterfall Garden ceremony space that also boasts a lush green garden, as well as a romantic Las Vegas wedding gazebo.

Every wedding venue should offer ceremony only and all inclusive wedding packages, and that’s what Always & Forever can provide. With that said, let’s find out more about our packages.

Outdoor Wedding Packages Should Come with all the Essentials

When touring the best outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas, you will also want to ensure that their corresponding packages have all the necessary inclusions that make for the perfect day. This includes everything from the music to the guest’s chairs, to the wedding flowers. That said, below, you will find a summary of the fabulous inclusions that Always & Forever offers the brides and grooms that say their vows at one of our Las Vegas outdoor ceremony locations.

Fabulous Ceremony Only and All Inclusive Wedding Day Package Inclusions

Dive into the information below to see our impressive list of what’s included with our outdoor wedding venue packages:

Ceremony Only Package Inclusions

If you have made plans to have your wedding reception elsewhere, our wedding venue offers beautiful outdoor ceremony spaces with outstanding package inclusions, as seen below.

  • Your ceremony package comes complete with a professional wedding coordinator to help you every step of the way.
  • Each package gives you and your guests access to one of our outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas which includes either a lakeside ceremony site, or a waterfall garden wedding.
  • We arrange for you to have a minister perform a traditional or civil ceremony. Please note that the minister’s fee is not included in the package.
  • Always & Forever will provide you with traditional wedding music for your ceremony.
  • Our team will have your ceremony site set up and ready before your wedding starts. This includes your guest’s chairs, and so on.
  • If needed, Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions will provide witnesses for your ceremony.
  • Your outdoor wedding package comes with generous wedding flower credits to make your wedding day complete.
  • Depending upon the package you book, you may have bridal suite access prior to the ceremony.
  • Your package also comes with a professional wedding photographer that can perfectly capture your special day. Please note that photo packages are purchased separately.

We also have put together a Ceremony Only Packages page so you can read all the details in one place.

All Inclusive Package Inclusions:

Outside Ceremony Venues and Packages Near the Vegas Strip
Las Vegas All Inclusive Packages

For those who would like our full-service Las Vegas wedding venue to take care of all the details for you, we offer the following outstanding package inclusions:

  • Our all inclusive packages come complete with all the ceremony inclusions that are listed above, as well as the following wedding reception inclusions:
  • You and your guests will have access to one of our beautiful and modern reception halls.
  • Our event team will have everything in place before the reception starts, which includes the tables and chairs, decor, and the like.
  • Each reception table will include an elegant rose centerpiece for added romance.
  • We provide you with many linen colors to choose from to match your preferences and wedding colors.
  • A champagne toast will be offered to all those who are 21 years of age and older.
  • Your outdoor wedding venue package comes with special table services for the bride and groom.
  • DJ/Emcee comes complete with our all inclusive wedding day packages.
  • We provide you with an exceptional dinner buffet where you have the choice of our Classic or International menu. Please see our Heritage Garden Bronze All Inclusive Package page for an example of our menu items.
  • Always & Forever ceremony and reception packages come with standard drinks such as coffee and tea, as well as soda and water – you have the option to upgrade to a cash bar or hosted bar package. Also, if you want to learn all about open bars, then be sure to read this post.
  • Our affordable Las Vegas wedding packages include a beautiful multi-tier wedding cake and cake services.
  •  Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions larger packages come with limo services after the reception for 2-6 people.

We have created a detailed All Inclusive Packages page for you to learn more about what we offer for packages that include both the ceremony and reception.

Always & Forever Outdoor Ceremony Venues

If you would like to explore our outdoor ceremony wedding venues, then we invite you to read about each of our ceremony locations, as seen below:

Swan Garden Boasts a Romantic Ceremony Gazebo

This ceremony location is the perfect venue for couples wishing to have a beautiful outdoor wedding in Las Vegas. It showcases a romantic lakefront ceremony gazebo that is often adorned with flowers. Additionally, Swan Garden sports a lovely lake view, as well as swaying willow trees and other impressive greenery.

Brides and grooms who would like to say their vows at Swan Garden can book one of our affordable all inclusive ceremony and reception packages. When you get married within this Las Vegas ceremony space with an all inclusive package, you and your guests will celebrate your marriage within the elegant Swan Banquet Room.

Below you will find a summary of this popular Always & Forever ceremony venue:

  • This Las Vegas outdoor wedding venue features sparkling views of Lake Jacqueline and includes a stone bridge over the water, which makes for exceptional wedding photography. We have a whole post on why you should use a professional photographer, so be sure to take a look!
  • Swan Garden showcases our largest ceremony gazebo which sits on the lake’s edge. With its beautiful dome shape and surrounding greenery, it adds a romantic touch to any wedding.
  • Set within an outstanding garden with peaceful swaying willow trees and other exceptional garden elements.

See for yourself just how fabulous this outdoor wedding venue is by heading over to our Swan Garden Image Gallery.

Grand Garden Features a Gorgeous Lakefront Courtyard

Always & Forever Offers an exquisite outdoor wedding venue that you and your guests will fall in love with. It’s our popular Grand Garden ceremony site, and it rests within a beautiful courtyard that’s filled with exceptional greenery. Additionally, this ceremony location boasts an elegant ceremony gazebo that is situated on the edge of a peaceful lake.

Always & Forever provides you with All Inclusive Packages for this Las Vegas wedding space that come with everything you would need for a wonderful ceremony and reception. Brides and grooms who opt for an all inclusive package within this venue will have their wedding celebration within our Grand Atrium Reception Hall.

Dive into the summary below of our Grand Garden wedding venue:

  • Out of all the outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas, you won’t find one that offers such an elegant ceremony courtyard as this.
  • Grand Garden boasts magnificent stone statues that are set within an outstanding green garden with large willow trees.
  • This outdoor wedding venue showcases a lovely lakefront ceremony gazebo that can be decorated to your liking with flowers, sashes, and other traditional elements.
  • The wedding altar features a beautiful blue lake with a charming stone bridge as your backdrop.

If you feel that this outdoor wedding venue is the one for you, then be sure to head over to our Grand Garden Image Gallery.

Heritage Garden Showcases Beautiful Cascading Arches

Always & Forever’s Heritage Garden ceremony space is perfect for those looking for outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas. This is the case because our sensational ceremony location is conveniently close to the Vegas Strip and the downtown Vegas, two popular areas within Clark County. In addition to this, the venue itself is exceptional with a lakefront wedding altar, and an exquisite walkway that sits beneath incredible ivy-entwined arches that can be covered with flowers, string lighting, and sashes.

Heritage Garden boasts a wedding altar and gazebo that rest near the lake’s edge and this provides a sparking lake as your backdrop. For those wishing to have Always & Forever host your ceremony, please visit our Heritage Garden Ceremony Only Packages page. If you would like us to host both your outdoor ceremony and your reception, then be sure to see our Heritage Garden All Inclusive Packages page. Those who have an all inclusive wedding at our full-service wedding venue will celebrate their big day within the Swan Banquet Room.

Please view our summary of Heritage Garden below:

  • Heritage Garden’s ivy-covered archways provide an elegant grand entrance for the bride.
  • This beautiful ceremony location is on lakefront property and offers serene lake views with a lovely stone bridge over the water.
  • As the name suggests, this wedding venue sits within a gorgeous garden with swaying trees and other beautiful greenery.
  • For those who are looking for outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas that will provide you with a romantic ceremony gazebo, then you will love Heritage Garden!

See our Heritage Garden Image Gallery for more information on this popular outdoor wedding venue in Las Vegas.

Waterfall Garden is a Truly Romantic Outdoor Wedding Venue

If you would like to have a romantic wedding day that you will remember forever, then we suggest saying your vows within Waterfall Garden. This beautiful wedding venue features a ceremony gazebo that sits in front of a gorgeous cascading waterfall that you are going to fall in love with. Additionally, as with our other ceremony sites, you will find swaying willow trees and lush greenery, which makes for stunning wedding photography.

This ceremony space offers packages for all inclusive weddings with a guest count up to 50, and you and your guests will celebrate afterward within the Royal Banquet Room. If Waterfall Garden is a must-have ceremony space, visit our All Inclusive Packages page for even more fabulous details:

Let’s take a look at a summary of the Waterfall Garden wedding venue:

  • This ceremony space is great for those who wish to have a small wedding ceremony.
  • Waterfall Garden is a popular Las Vegas wedding venue that features a 6-foot water feature that adds a touch of romance.
  • You and your spouse-to-be will stand under a beautiful arched ceremony gazebo that’s covered with impressive greenery.
  • Waterfall Garden boats a lovely walkway that is often covered in flower petals for an incredible look.

We have created a Waterfall Garden Image Gallery for brides and grooms to take a closer look at this romantic wedding venue.

Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions Frequently Asked Questions

Brides and grooms who are searching for outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas either for a wedding for two, one for 50 guests, or a larger affair, typically have a few questions when they are just starting out. This section will cover some of our most popular inquiries to help you on your journey. In addition to this, you can also take a look at our Outdoor Wedding Packages and Venues page that covers all the fine details of getting married outside in the Las Vegas area.

What will I need to know about outdoor wedding flowers?

Guide to Outdoor Wedding Venues in Las Vegas
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Flowers

We all know that flowers can play an important role during a ceremony, especially when they are outdoor weddings. Below we will provide you with the most common uses for flowers when having an outdoor Las Vegas wedding:

  • Without a doubt, the most notable use of flowers is when used for the bride’s bouquet.
  • The second common use would be the flowers that make up the bouquets designed for the bridesmaids.
  • A single flower, sometimes two, is traditionally used for the groom’s boutonnière. The groomsmen can also wear a single flower, but one that is different than the grooms.
  • Most couples decorate the wedding altar in some way with beautiful flowers. This is sometimes done with flowers that are potted or in large vases sitting nearby, as you traditionally see while attending an indoor wedding.
  • It’s common for rose or other flower petals to be sprinkled along the walkway to the altar.
  • If your wedding venue has arches, such as the cascading arches that Heritage Garden features, they can be beautifully dressed up with flowers.
  • Ceremony gazebos are a great place for flowers when having an outdoor wedding.
  • For those having an all inclusive wedding, flowers are used during the reception by being placed as stunning centerpieces on each table, and in various places throughout the reception hall.

Please see our wedding flower page for details on flowers for your wedding ceremony.

What time do outdoor evening weddings in Las Vegas typically start?

If you and the one you love are planning an outdoor evening wedding, then it’s a wise idea to figure out ahead what the perfect start time should be. The reason for this is that you can’t simply decide upon a 7 PM wedding because depending upon the month your wedding takes place, it might just be completely dark, or bright daylight. With this in mind, you will find that there are a few things to think about when deciding when to begin the ceremony.

First, we recommend speaking with your Always & Forever wedding planner to go over the details of the day and, most importantly, the season you would like to tie the knot. You see, the perfect start time will shift depending upon what season it is. We are familiar with the best time to start an outdoor evening wedding, no matter what time of the year you’re hoping for, so feel free to discuss this with us.

A basic answer to the question at hand would be to start the wedding ceremony around 15 to 30 minutes before sunset. In doing so, it provides you with just the right amount of lighting to have a stunning sunset wedding with incredible colors that set the mood for a truly romantic ceremony. In addition to all this, there are many resources online that can provide you with the time the sun will set on a particular day. Also, we recommend taking a look at our post on the topic of sunset weddings.

Additional Resources to Help Plan Your Big Day

Here at our full-service Las Vegas wedding venue, we enjoy providing couples with resources for planning a wedding. It doesn’t matter what type of wedding you would like to plan; an outdoor ceremony or an indoor chapel wedding, we have something for everyone, and we recommend that you dive into the following pages to get additional information that can be helpful in planning the perfect wedding.

Let Us Provide You with a Choice of the Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions is located on gorgeous lakefront property, so it only makes sense that we have the best outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas. On top of that, we offer amazing wedding day packages that come with everything you would need to have your dream come true wedding. If you feel you would like to explore your outdoor ceremony options further, feel free to contact our wedding coordinators to discuss your wedding day goals – we look forward to helping you with your special day!

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