Popular Las Vegas Wedding Transportation Ideas for Your Big Day

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Popular Las Vegas Wedding Transportation Ideas – Limo, Town Car, Party Bus

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is a popular destination for weddings, and because of this, there are many transportation options available to couples who are tying the knot in this beautiful city. Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions is here to provide you with an overview of wedding day transportation that other couples utilized on their special day – from classic cars to horse-drawn carriages, get ready to be inspired!

Transportation Ideas for Your Las Vegas Wedding

Transportation is one aspect of planning a Las Vegas wedding ceremony that some couples don’t think about because of all the other elements that are front and center, such as choosing a wedding venue for your daytime or evening wedding, looking for a wedding dress, and the list goes on. With that said, if you’re planning a small wedding ceremony or a larger one for 50 guests, and have just realized that you need to start looking for transportation for your up-and-coming Las Vegas wedding, we are going to make it easy for you – dive into the transportation ideas below to see which one is a must-have on your big day!

Limousines Are Always a Great Choice for Style and Comfort

Las Vegas Wedding Day Transportation – Always and Forever All Inclusive Packages
Las Vegas All Inclusive Packages

When it comes to Las Vegas wedding transportation, limos are the most popular option. There are several reasons for this: they provide a lot of space, they come in a variety of styles, and they add an air of luxury to any event. Below, we will discuss the benefits of using limos for wedding transportation in more detail and why they are so popular among couples on their special day!

When you arrive at your wedding in a limo, it will immediately set an elegant tone for the rest of the day. Your guests will be impressed by your choice of transportation, and whoever rides in the limo will feel like they are truly being treated like VIPs.

Space is also a reason why couples choose to use a limo for their wedding transportation. Limos are typically much larger than standard cars, which means that they can accommodate more people – the bride and groom, the wedding party, and immediate family members. So, as you can see, this is ideal for couples who want to transport their entire wedding party. Additionally, limos often have plenty of storage space for gifts, and other wedding day items. Another reason why limos are such a popular wedding transportation option is because they come in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for a classic stretch limo or something more unique, you will be able to find a limo that suits your taste, and this is perfect for couples who want their wedding transportation to reflect their personal style.

For those planning a wedding at Always & Forever, know that with our larger all inclusive packages, we provide limo services for up to six people after the reception. Here are a few packages that include limo services and much more:

You can also head over to our main Wedding Packages page to view all your options.

Rent an SUV or Town Car – The Affordable Version of the Limo

Many couples choose to take a limo, but this can be expensive if it’s not part of an all inclusive package deal. Another option is to rent an SUV or Town Car. If you happen to have a small wedding party, or if it’s just for you and your spouse, it can provide you with plenty of space and save you money compared to a limo.

Another big benefit of renting an SUV or Town Car is that it will help you avoid the traffic, since a limo is not as easy to maneuver in traffic, but an SUV or Town Car can easily navigate through even the heaviest traffic.

Fun Las Vegas Wedding Transportation – The Party Bus

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to transport all your wedding guests and the bridal party, renting a party bus is a great choice! Not only will you save money on transportation costs, but you’ll also avoid the hassle of coordinating multiple vehicles. Plus, who doesn’t love a party bus? They’re typically decked out with music and drinks, with some having a dance floor! Most party buses can be decorated for the occasion, and you can work with them to coordinate the wedding decor. There are several party bus companies that cater to Las Vegas weddings; just do a simple search on the internet to find them.

Ride in Style to Your Las Vegas Wedding in a Classic Car

Affordable Wedding Reception Packages Near the Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Reception Only Packages

Those who are searching for a unique way to travel in style on their big day, renting a classic car can be the perfect solution! These cars are completely stylish and will grab the attention of your guests, making your wedding transportation unforgettable. Plus, your wedding photographer will be able to shoot amazing photos of you and your loved one riding in a beautiful classic car that certainly commemorates the occasion.

No matter what type of wedding you’re having, classic cars are always a big hit. However, if you’re planning a vintage type wedding, it would be the ideal transportation option. Las Vegas has an excellent place you can rent this type of car from, it’s called Vegas Vintage Rentals and they have actually been featured on the history channel. With all that said, picture yourself in a 1955 Ford Thunderbird, 1966 Ford Mustang, or a vintage 1961 Cadillac.

Wow Your Guests with a Luxury Performance Car

If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding day even more special, consider borrowing a luxury car from a friend or family member, if they happen to have one. Or, you can rent one in the Las Vegas area. If you do, you will both look amazing because it’s certainly an incredible way to make a grand entrance. In addition to this, a luxury car will add a touch of glamour to your Las Vegas wedding photography. Whether you’re posing for formal shots or candid snapshots, it can certainly make for a great backdrop. Believe it or not, even Enterprise Rent-a-Car offers this type of vehicle, which includes high-end car brands such as BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, Maserati, and others – you can check out these cars by heading over to the Enterprise Luxury Car page.

Add a Bit of Romance with a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Couples who would like a truly romantic experience should consider renting a horse-drawn carriage. Just as saying your “I DOs” under a ceremony gazebo adds an element of charm to your wedding day, a horse-drawn carriage will give your wedding an extra touch of romance and elegance that you and your guests will love. Plus, the photos you’ll get out of this experience will be absolutely beautiful! Without a doubt, it will create a fairy tale experience for you and your husband-to-be.

This option is not so much for getting from one location to another, it’s more for traveling a short distance just for the experience and beauty of it, as well as for a photo opportunity. You will also need to contact a local company to see if they provide coverage for the area you’re getting married in. One company that offers wedding services is Las Vegas Horse Carriage, they may be worth checking out.

Helpful Resources for Weddings Near The Vegas Strip

Full-Service Wedding Venue in the Las Vegas Area – Transportation Options
Las Vegas Ceremony Only Packages

Now that you have an idea of what type of transportation options are out there for your Las Vegas wedding, you can take a moment to look through the following resources to help you speed up the planning process. We have included the essentials such as marriage license instructions, tips for having a sunset wedding, ceremony only and reception only details, outdoor wedding packages, wedding flowers, as well as indoor options that include our Lakeview Chapel, and information on open bars, and so on.

Make Your Big Day Complete as You Travel in Style to Your Las Vegas Wedding Venue!

Here at Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions, we love helping the happy couples who come to us seeking wedding day advice. With that said, we hope that this post on wedding transportation has given you some insight as to what may be the best option for your travel needs on your big day. Also, don’t forget that we provide limo services for up to six people after the reception when you book our larger all inclusive packages. If you have any questions regarding transportation options, or would like to book a wedding package with us, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced coordinators; they would love to help you with your wedding day goals.

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