Wedding Traditions to Consider for Your Las Vegas Ceremony & Reception

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Wedding Traditions for Your Las Vegas Ceremony and Reception

Have you ever wondered why certain aspects of a wedding are used by most brides and grooms? For instance, the father giving away the bride, or the bridal bouquet toss. These are called wedding traditions and we are here to explain a few of them; from their origins, to their evolutions. Additionally, it’s the hope of Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions that this post will allow you to not only read some interesting facts, but also determine if you will want to apply some of these traditions in your up-and-coming Las Vegas ceremony and reception. With that said, let’s have some fun and dive into the rest of this post!

Las Vegas Ceremony & Reception Wedding Traditions You’ll Want to Consider

Weddings are steeped in tradition, some of which have been around for centuries. Did you know that it’s considered bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding day, or to even see the bride before the ceremony on their big day? And what about bridesmaids wearing matching dresses? Or, rice being thrown after the bride and groom are officially married. While a few of these traditions may seem odd or outdated, they provide insight into our past and add an element of mystery and magic to any wedding celebration, and they are still being followed today. These are just a few traditions that I’m sure you’re well aware of, so let’s take a look at a few others also; grab a cup of coffee and enjoy:

The Bouquet Toss is a Wedding Reception Tradition That’s Still Going Strong

The bouquet toss that’s done during a wedding reception dates back to Medieval Europe. Single women used to compete to catch the bride’s bouquet in the belief that whoever caught it would be the next to marry. Today, the same reasoning is behind the toss, but it’s more lighthearted and fun. The bouquet is typically tossed to a group of unmarried friends or to all single women in general. Some brides choose to up the ante by adding special prizes, such as a bottle of champagne or gift certificate for whoever catches the bouquet. Regardless of how you decide to handle it, the bouquet toss is a time-honored tradition that adds some playful excitement to your reception festivities.

How it’s normally done these days is to have all of the single women gather in the center of the dance floor, then the bride throws the bouquet over her shoulder, without looking, and whoever catches it becomes the next to marry. However, if you’re going to add the bouquet toss at your Las Vegas wedding reception, but can’t think of any creative ways to make it stand out from the crowd, you’re in luck, because we have a few fun ideas that can add some extra personality to this tradition:

  • Consider having all of the single women stand in a line and have the bride walk down and personally hand off her bouquet to her lucky recipient.
  • If you have several unmarried friends or family members with whom you’d like to share this special moment, why not have multiple smaller bouquets for them each to catch?
  • Of course, don’t forget about any eligible bachelors in attendance – consider tossing a handsome boutonniere for them as well, or have the groom do this.

No matter which route you choose to take at your wedding reception, these bouquet toss options will add a bit of fun to this beloved wedding tradition.

A Flower Girl is a Common Addition to the Wedding Ceremony

Have you ever wondered why a little girl tosses flower petals down the aisle at weddings? The use of a flower girl dates back to ancient times, where wedding flowers and herbs were believed to have symbolized fidelity, love, and fertility. During wedding ceremonies, these items were thrown in the direction of the bride and groom as they walked, to ward off evil spirits. In addition, it was also common for young girls in the wedding party to scatter flower petals along the path leading to the ceremony. This tradition eventually evolved into the inclusion of a designated “flower girl” in modern weddings, and this can add an adorable and beautiful element to a Las Vegas ceremony – any wedding photographer would certainly agree!

The Father Giving Away the Bride is a Long-Standing Tradition

Where did the tradition of the bride’s father “giving her away” at the wedding ceremony come from? Well, sorry to spoil this one for you, but it dates back to ancient times when women were considered property, essentially being given from one man (her father) to another (her husband). The act symbolized the transfer of ownership and responsibility. While many brides today may prefer to choose their own husbands and not be seen as a possession, the tradition is still upheld in many ceremonies, but without the “property” aspect of it, of course.

Now, let’s jump forward to our modern day, with a more favorable description. The tradition of the bride’s father giving her away at the wedding ceremony can be an emotional moment for both parties involved. It symbolizes a father’s love and trust in his new son-in-law, as well as the fact that his daughter is ready to leave their family and start her own. For the bride, it represents leaving behind a childhood spent with her father and mother, and entering into a new phase of adult independence.

Of course, this isn’t always the case because brides come in all ages, with some having been previously married. Also, this tradition doesn’t necessarily have to be followed to the T if it doesn’t fit right for the couple. For instance, some fathers may not feel comfortable or capable of performing this role, or maybe the mother has a larger role in the bride’s life and it’s more fitting for her to give the bride away.

Some couples who have had a Las Vegas ceremony have opted for a twist on this traditional idea, by having both parents or even just the bride herself walking down the aisle. Ultimately, it’s up to each couple to decide what feels right for them and their relationship.

The Bride & Groom Cutting the Cake Has Meaning Behind It

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Cutting the cake together at a wedding might seem like just another tradition, but it actually has a meaningful history behind it. But first, here are a few other wedding cake traditions worth mentioning – In Medieval England, wedding cakes were stacked as high as possible to showcase the wealth and social status of the couple.

By the 19th century, it became common for couples to share a bite from the top tier of the wedding cake, symbolizing their commitment to provide for each other and their future children.

As for the tradition of cutting the wedding cake together, it may seem like it’s just part of the reception festivities, but it actually symbolizes the couple’s commitment to sharing their lives together, and the act of physically cutting through the cake symbolizes their unity. So, after your Las Vegas ceremony, when your cutting into your beautiful wedding cake during your reception, remember all the history behind this sweet tradition.

The Tradition of Wearing a Bridal Veil Has Evolved

Traditionally, brides have worn wedding veils as a symbol of purity and modesty, and veils were originally intended to keep the bride’s face hidden from view until after the ceremony, so that no one could see her before she was married. Nowadays, most brides choose to wear wedding veils simply for the added elegance they provide, as they can greatly enhance the beauty of a bride’s gown and make her look even more special on her big day. In addition to this, some brides choose to have their wedding veils personalized with lace, pearls, or other embellishments.

The biggest change or evolution from this tradition’s intended purpose, is that most brides don’t cover their face with their veil anymore; it’s more of a decorative piece that attaches to their hair in the back or top of their head.

Old – New – Borrowed – Blue

The wedding tradition of having the bride wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, is a custom that many brides still choose to follow. Traditionally, the bride’s family would give her something old to represent continuity with the past, something new to represent the future, something borrowed from a friend or family member to bring good luck, and something blue to represent purity and fidelity. While the specific items that are given as part of the tradition may have changed over time, the sentiment behind them remains the same.

To elaborate further, something old can be any item that has been passed down from generation to generation, such as a family heirloom such as jewelry. Something new can be any recently purchased item, such as a dress or veil. Something borrowed can, again, be jewelry or similar, and must be returned after the wedding. And lastly, something blue can be anything from a ribbon in the hair to a blue garter.

A Snapshot of Other Popular Ceremony & Reception Traditions

Here are a few other popular wedding traditions you may want to add when your planning a Las Vegas ceremony, or a wedding reception. If you need a few more ideas, feel free to contact one of our wedding coordinators over at Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions; they would be happy to provide you with some information based on the many years of experience they have planning weddings:

  • A Bridal Shower is Thrown to Celebrate the Future Wedding
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties are a Fun Wedding Tradition that Typically Takes Place in Las Vegas
  • White Wedding Dresses are Often Worn all Over the World
  • The Wedding March Music is a Long-Time Tradition and Has Evolved
  • The Ring Bearer’s Pillow Adds a Cute Element to Any Wedding Ceremony
  • The Bride and Groom’s First Dance at Their Reception is a Popular Wedding Tradition
  • A Best Man/Maid of Honor is Almost Always Assigned at Las Vegas Weddings
  • Carrying the Bride over the Threshold Can Be a Fun Way to Start Your Marriage

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Take a look at the pages below to get a jump-start on your special day:

Have a Beautiful Las Vegas Ceremony & Reception at Always & Forever

If you’re looking to add some personal touches to your wedding day, consider incorporating one (or more) of these time-honored traditions. From the bride’s father giving her away to cutting the cake together as a couple, there are lots of ways to make your Las Vegas ceremony and reception special. And what could be more special than starting off your new life together by doing things the way they’ve been done for centuries? So if you’re ready to get started planning your dream wedding, be sure to book a wedding day package that includes all of the traditional elements you want!

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