Elements that Make a Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Venue Stand Out from the Rest

Best Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Venue – Lake and Garden Views

If you’re searching for the perfect outdoor ceremony space, we suggest first researching what makes a Las Vegas outdoor wedding venue stand out from the rest. This will allow you to hold those standards up to the venues you visit so you can easily select the best one. Every couple may have a different set of standards as to what they feel makes an outdoor space perfect for them, but there are some characteristics of outdoor locations that 9 out of 10 couples would love to have included in their wedding surroundings. With that said, let’s explore some key features that make an outdoor venue stand out and worth considering for your big day.

What Sets a Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Venue Apart From Others

Outdoor Wedding Venue Packages Near the Vegas Strip and Downtown
Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Venue Packages

There are some essential factors that can place a wedding venue above the rest, and when you see these elements, you’ll realize instantly it’s the venue for you. We know this to be true because our venue, which is located in the Las Vegas area, is known as a desert oasis that couples fall in love with when they take a tour. On top of this, we offer affordable ceremony only and all inclusive wedding packages that provide amazing inclusions.

Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions has all the elements needed to make its outdoor ceremony spaces stand out from the rest with their breathtaking lake views, charming ceremony gazebos, lush green gardens, as well as an outdoor waterfall. Our ceremony spaces were designed with romance and elegance in mind to create a beautiful setting that makes for stunning wedding photography, a romantic atmosphere, and the like. Below, we’re going to dive into these elements a bit more so you can get inspired to marry the one you love at Always & Forever.

Outdoor Spaces with Lake Views Provide a Picturesque Backdrop

One aspect of a Las Vegas outdoor wedding venue that sets it apart from the rest is having a lake view. Always & Forever offers this feature because it’s located on prime lakefront property. Our ceremony venues showcase a sparkling lake as their backdrop, and this, as you can imagine, only adds to the romantic atmosphere.

Couples say their “I DOs” while experiencing lake breezes and incredible scenery. They also take advantage of the charming stone bridge that sits over the water in the distance, as it sets the scene for a picturesque wedding ceremony – this is especially the case when a beautiful swan happens to make an appearance. In addition to this, a Las Vegas outdoor wedding venue that offers lake views is amazing during sunset ceremonies. If this has sparked your interest, be sure to check out our popular outdoor wedding package pages below.

All Inclusive & Ceremony Only Packages  

Outdoor Ceremony Venues within a Garden Setting

It goes without saying that one element of an outdoor wedding venue that’s popular is a beautiful garden setting. You may have noticed that our outdoor venue names include the word “garden”, and this is because they are all situated within a stunning garden filled with greenery that includes peaceful swaying willow trees, plants, flowers, and more. It sets the scene for a romantic wedding day that includes picture-perfect wedding photography options.

If you have your heart set on a fabulous garden wedding, we suggest first checking out our Grand Garden ceremony space. It features large stone statues that look incredible, a stone pathway to the altar, as well as a romantic wedding gazebo that sits on the lake’s edge. For all inclusive Grand Garden weddings, you and your guests will celebrate with a reception in the Grand Atrium Reception Room. We also have an additional reception hall, Swan Banquet Room, that’s utilized when you marry within Swan Garden or Heritage Garden.

You can read through our recent post that goes into detail on garden weddings. Additionally, if you plan on having a Grand Garden wedding, then you’ll want to take a look at the following packages:

Grand Garden All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Ceremony Gazebos on the Lake’s Edge Add a Romantic Touch

Affordable Outdoor Wedding Packages in Las Vegas – Gazebos and Waterfall Ceremonies
Las Vegas Lake Wedding Venue Packages

An outdoor venue that boasts a ceremony gazebo can provide a beautiful focal point when standing at the altar. Venues that offer gazebos as part of their outdoor packages are popular among couples who marry in the Las Vegas area.

Always & Forever boasts several wedding gazebos that are beautifully entwined with ivy, adding a romantic touch. Many couples personalize their gazebos with decorations such as flowers, sashes, and the like.

Our Las Vegas outdoor wedding venues sport various size gazebos, with Swan Garden featuring the largest. Heritage Garden, as well as Grand Garden and Waterfall Garden, all have gorgeous wedding gazebos that you and your guests will fall in love with. Our gazebos are available whether you book a ceremony only or all inclusive wedding package. Take a look at our image gallery pages to catch a glimpse of our ceremony gazebos to see how charming they really are:

We also have a main Image gallery page that you can check out, it houses all our galleries in one place. You can also head over to our Wedding Gazebo page for more information on what we offer.

Outdoor Ceremony Space with a 6-Foot Waterfall

Always & Forever offers a fabulous Las Vegas outdoor wedding venue that features a cascading waterfall, and this certainly makes it stand out from other venues. This beautiful water feature sits in front of a romantic ceremony gazebo that’s covered in ivy and often decorated with flowers. You’ll also find swaying willow trees and other greenery that make this ceremony location a gorgeous space to say your wedding vows.

Waterfall Garden offers all inclusive packages where everything is taken care of for you, from the ceremony music to the reception meal. The wedding celebration is held in the Waterfall Garden Royal Banquet Room which is just steps away from the ceremony space. You can take a look at both spaces by heading over to the Waterfall Garden Image Gallery.

Waterfall Garden All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Always & Forever Wedding and Receptions FAQs

Whether you’re looking for a Las Vegas outdoor wedding venue, or an indoor ceremony location, we know you’ll have a question or two. With that said, we are providing some of our top questions, but feel free to give Always & Forever a call if you have questions of your own, we can be reached at (702) 318-5683.

Is there a wedding chapel in Las Vegas that has lake views?

Yes, there is, and it’s called Lakeview Chapel, and it actually allows for an outdoor ceremony. How is this possible? While your guests sit comfortably inside the chapel that features stunning views through floor-to-ceiling glass windows, you and your loved one will say your vows just outside the chapel door at the edge of a beautiful lake. Of course, you can also marry within this modern and elegant chapel, if that’s what you prefer. Either way, it’s a gorgeous wedding chapel that you and your guests will fall in love with. See for yourself just how amazing this lakefront wedding chapel really is by visiting the Lakeview Chapel Image Gallery.

Lakeview Chapel Ceremony Only Wedding Packages 

What is the ideal season to have an outdoor wedding?

The best time of year to get married outdoors really depends upon the location a couple lives in. For instance, if the bride and groom live in an area that becomes a winter wonderland during certain months, then spring, summer, and fall would be a better choice. However, there are some locations that have perfect weather for saying your vows outdoors all year round, and this would include Las Vegas. With that in mind, the best time to get married in the Wedding Capital of the World would be winter, spring, summer or fall.

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Our wedding venue has many resources that can help you plan your outdoor, as well as your indoor wedding, whether it’s a large, medium-sized wedding, or small ceremony. The items below will provide you with information and tips on how to make it all happen, and this includes details on where to renew your wedding vows in Las Vegas, information on indoor vs outdoor weddings, as well as how to put together a wedding guest list, and details on our wedding specials.

Book the Best Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Venue for an Unforgettable Affair!

With its beautiful lake views, charming ceremony gazebos, and amazing garden settings, our outdoor wedding venue offers the perfect location for couples who are planning to tie the knot. Always & Forever has outdoor spaces that will make your wedding day a dream come true, and our coordinators are here to make it happen. For more information on Always & Forever outdoor spaces, you can visit our About Us page, or simply contact our venue if you have any questions – we look forward to speaking with you and setting you on the path to a beautiful wedding day.

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